How To Score Good Grades In Rhetorical Analysis Essay Writing

Students have to write a large number of essays throughout a semester. They get weekly tasks and sometimes experience surprise quizzes on essay writing. It is a fact that all students want to score top grades in a semester.

There are different types of essay writing, and each type has great significance not only in improving writing skills but also in various other ways.

Many students suffer writing a rhetorical analysis essay as writing this type of essay is not as easy and straightforward as writing other types of cause and effect essay topics are.

Moreover, the writing mechanics of this essay are different and unique. That’s why some students consider writing it as a tiresome or an overwhelming task to do.

Well, indeed, learning to write this type of essay is not easy. Moreover, writing this essay is not something like that you’ve cut out your work for you. All you need is to learn about its writing structure and its primary purpose of writing.

First of all, lets’ skim over its primary purpose of writing.                    

This type of essay is about analyzing the analyzed work, writing about writing, taking a firm stand on your point of view, suggesting the more appropriate solution or work than already given solution or presented work.  

Let’s have a detailed discussion about the writing structure of this particular genre of essay writing.

This type of essay also demands to follow a basic structure that is used in writing all other kinds of essays.


For instance, a teacher has asked his students to write a comprehensive essay on a written book by an author. Now, students have to commence writing with a fascinating opening statement to induce the interest of their teacher.

Next, mention a thesis statement. In this case, a superb thesis statement will be written after observing the research work done by the author, which he used to write the book.

For this purpose, students have to learn and acquire the skill related to research work like ethos, logos, and pathos, etc.  

There is no doubt learning these complex methodologies are not as simple as ABC, but this is the last resort for students in order to complete the task.

Once the students have done this critical job, now they’re close to writing a handy essay.

After analyzing the whole literature work critically, now is the time for students to suggest how that particular book could be written in a more expressive, stunning, and convincing way.

This suggestion should be their thesis statement.

Main Body:

Students have to illustrate the whole writing work in detail. They have to observe every aspect of writing work meticulously. Moreover, criticizing the factors which, according to students’ points of view, are not up to the mark and then providing a better alternative option is the utmost responsibility of the students.

Moreover, each mistake, argument, and suggestion should be mentioned in a separate paragraph.

To make their essay an attractive, eye-catching, and alluring, students have to ensure smooth transitions between different paragraphs.


It is the last but the foremost section of the essay structure. Those students who struggle to convince readers according to their point of view should learn the importance of concluding remarks.

In this section, restating the thesis statement convincingly and impressively is the most necessary step to follow by the students. If they don’t do so, they will not be able to convince their teacher according to their stance, which means that their point of view is not a robust one.

So, concluding remarks play a vital role in proving your suggestion, which is the crux of the whole discussion to be the most relevant and authentic essay topics.

Once you’ve learned the basic structure and mechanics of content writing related to this genre of the essay, you don’t have to look forward to essay writing service in order to complete the assigned task. Moreover, you will for sure, get top grades in weekly assignments as well as in final exams as well.

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