20 Amazing Essay Topics On Media

Media, in general, is known as a tool of communication between individuals and masses. It has a great influence on individuals, society, culture and every aspect of human life. Everyone is aware of media, its channels and its way of operations. If you’re planning to write your essay on media than you must know that media is a very broad term and it covers a lot of aspects. 

Students are often asked to submit essays on media. Sometimes those who are from social sciences are also given essays on media and its impacts as media is the part of everyone’s life. If you’ve not decided on your essay topic and thinking if someone could make me a topic and will write my essay for me then stop worrying. You’ll explore writing an effective essay and amazing essay topics in this article.

Every type of academic writing involves brainstorming exercises, research skills, and academic writing skills. If you’re searching a unique topic for your essay then you must go through the first point such as brainstorming. 

To find a unique topic, think about the ideas that influence you the most. As media is dependent on other subjects of life such as society, individuals, stories of humans, animals, atmosphere, environment, relationships, national and international affairs and so on.

Therefore, to get an awesome topic for yourself, think about the affiliations that you may have with any of the above-mentioned aspects. For example, if you’re associated with social aspects then choose any topic related to social life or any of the features of society. 

However, media is constant and its a part of our daily lives. If you’re selecting the topic then make sure that your topic is up-to-date. If you watch news, movies, television, advertisements or even hear songs, updates on the radio, you’re consuming media.

Even though, people consume media but are unable to write on it. That is why most of the students take help from profesional essay writer, which assist students to write essays and other academic stuff. 

Here is a list of some really essential topics that will help you to create a productive essay on media. 

  1. Effects of media on children
  2. Media, culture, and society
  3. Creating a sense of responsibility through media
  4. Pros and cons of media in rural areas
  5. Impact of media advertisements of youth
  6. Positive and negative effects of media on business
  7. Media and industry- Effective communication
  8. The difference between media and social media 
  9. Media ethics and behaviour
  10. Radicalization and media
  11. Body image and media advertisements
  12. Media and politics
  13. Effect of media on public service messages
  14. Media and education
  15. Promoting a healthy and safe life via media
  16. Media and democracy
  17. Impacts of media on criminals
  18. Media-a source of promoting freedom of speech
  19. Promoting interfaith harmony via media
  20. News media vs entertainment

How To Write Your Essay On Media?

Begining or start writing from scratch is the most difficult phase of any academic writing. If you’re also staring at a blank page and thinking how to start writing then this article will be really helpful to you.

If you’re decided on your topic then its a time for some practical work on write my essay. Bring your writing toll whether its a pen or laptop and follow these simple steps to write an effective essay.


This may be the first phase of any essay. Introduce your topic and variables. Keep this in mind that you’re interacting with your readers so write a precise text that contains important information within the limited text. After the introduction, write a brief background of your topic.

Thesis Statement

Produce a strong thesis statement. The intention of your writing and what you want to get from your essay.

Body Paragraph

Explain each of your points briefly and give your reviews about it. Provide evidence and examples to prove your point of view. 


Summarize all your essays in this paragraph. Avoid introducing anything new here. Conclude your whole essay, your analysis and key points in a closing sentence. 

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